Our day in Buyukada

Here’s a few pictures of our day at Buyukada, “the big island,” among the Prince Islands that are just a 35 minute ferry ride from Istanbul.

We took some cute pictures of Henry and Zeynep on the ferry ride over:

Here’s Banu and I; isn’t she beautiful?

The kids loved standing on the outside of the ferry.

Once we arrived at the port in Buyukada, we bought snacks before we headed to the beach. We found these awesome fried potato things.

Buyukada had some VERY nice houses along the water.

Here is the Naki Bey beach. Notice there is no actual beach, just a built platform with astro turf. Today was more crowded than usual because it was a Sunday, but we managed to find a spot and I thought the crowds were manageable.

Here is Henry and I on our way back to the main port for dinner. We look a little tired from all the swimming (I’m very out of shape). But notice that I do not have a sunburn. I got through the whole trip without a burn. Amazing.

And here is the storm that we just barely missed. It was powerful! This picture doesn’t really capture it. But keep in mind that when the sky is clear you can EASILY see Istanbul from here.

And here is me drinking raki. It’s the white cloudy stuff. It’s actually clear, but they add water to it. It’s strong. I never finished this glass.

Here is the whole fried fish that we ate. I can’t remember the name, but it’s common in the Sea of Marmara. And I ate this! Yes, I ate a fish with its head still attached. Although I did announce to Banu, “I am not eating the head.” Zeynep ate the tails. Henry ate nothing.

And here are the kids goofing around with our scarves. Guess it’s time to go.

And here are the kids at the doorway to Banu’s building. Henry said they were being Bakugans.


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