Our Adventures in Pictures (Part II)

I think I will have to pay to upload videos (someone who knows more about wordpress than I do can correct me if I’m wrong), so for now I’m sticking with photos. Here’s a bunch from that last couple days.

View of the Bosphorus from the south campus of Bogazici University

Cobblestone street at Bogazici (notice the benches along the street, all facing the Bosphorus and full of people)

A view of the Asian side from Bogazici (how does anyone get work done with views like this?)

Tailors working at Star Leather, where I bought my jacket

Here are some pictures from Topkapi palace. Construction on the palace began in 1460, initiated by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Rather than being one large building, it is a series of buildings surrounding three different courtyards.

Henry outside the Imperial Gate leading to the main entrance of Topkapi

Gate of Salutation

Library of Sultan Ahmed III

Entrance gate to the second courtyard

Tile work in the Seraglio (harem, where the women of the Sultan's court lived)

Henry behind the last courtyard, overlooking the Bosphorus

I’ll post the Hagia Sophia pictures on their own page.


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