Hagia Sophia

Here is just a sampling of the amazing pictures I took in Hagia Sophia (amazing because of where I was, not my photographic talents).

View of the Hagia Sophia from inside the entrance gate

The original church ruins, built in the 400s and burned down about 100 years later

Inside the main entrance

Inside the main hall, facing the mihrab (the niche in the mosque wall indicating the direction towards Mecca)

One of the calligraphic roundels added to the church when Constantinople began Istanbul

The minbar, where the imam stands to give the Friday sermon

Close up of the mihrab

Obama's cat. Apparently Obama came to Hagia Sophia and petted the cat, and now everyone takes pictures of it and pets it. It seems to live by the mihrab.

The upstairs gallery

Henry and I by the balcony overlooking the main floor


Mosaic of Christ with John the Baptist

hat’s all I have time to upload now; have to buy some more sour cherry juice before we head to Taksim square this afternoon.



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