All About “Adventures in Istanbul”

Hello friends, family, and perhaps perfect strangers. I started this blog to chronicle my travels in and around Istanbul, Turkey with my five-year-old son, Henry.

Henry is a fascinating person. He’s an old soul, thoughtful and perceptive beyond his years, yet not doing many of the things a mother would hope her five-year-old son would do. Like eating, for example. Or using the toilet on a regular basis. But beside his challenging personality quirks, he is a great traveling companion. Like most people his age, he loves to learn about new things, and his infectious joy makes even the most annoying travel hassles seem, well, not so bad.

So deciding to take Henry to Turkey just made sense, since Turkey is a fascinating place. It lies at the crossroads of several empires, the intersection of numerous religions, with a history as ancient as the Bosphorus is beautiful.

Henry and I will be traveling from June 10-23. I’ll make a few pre-travel posts, but most of my posts will be from Turkey. Stay tuned for pictures, video, and stories from our adventures in Istanbul!



  1. YAY! Happy travels.
    Turkey is on the list of possibilities for a Fulbright so I’ll be hanging on your every word.

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