Posted by: Stephanie Nawyn | June 21, 2010

My lamest post yet

My feet hurt and I just want to go to bed. So no long post tonight. Here are the highlights of the day:

Saw Chora Church (Kariye Camii in Turkish). It’s small but just about as historically significant as the Hagia Sophia. Hardly anyone makes it out to that area, so I was proud that I did. Henry thought it was boring.

The lesson I learned from the Grand Bazaar; the bigger sucker you are, the more they like you. You know you got a good deal when they practically throw you out of their store. I like shopping on the Asian side much better. Stuff is better quality, less expensive, and you pay the price on the tag. Grand Bazaar is overrated.

On the ferry ride back to Kadikoy, Henry said, “there’s a jellyfish!” I told him that no, it was probably a plastic bag. But it was a jellyfish! We saw bunches of them. I had no idea there were jellyfish in the Bosphorus.

Ate pide tonight. Kind of a Turkish pizza. Loved it. I’m stuffed.

Ever see that stuff called Moon Sand? It’s a sand that sticks together so that you can mold it into shapes. Well, it really sticks to children, and doesn’t come off easily in the shower.

Tomorrow’s a very busy day. Henry is going to spend the day at Zeynep’s school while Banu and I meet with several people from the women’s studies program at Istanbul University. Afterwards we need to come back to Banu’s to pack. It’s our last day!



  1. Hi Steph, I will miss reading this blog during 4am feedings!

    Have safe trip back, Hope to see you soon!

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